Its thermal insulation value is very high. The maintenance cost is very low.

Recently, especially in Europe and America, wooden materials are used in many schools, shopping malls, fairgrounds, barns, market places and construction and it is increasing gradually. As a renewable and sustainable material, wood creates interesting and very advantageous opportunities for the construction industry.

Living in a wooden structure has many benefits for human health and well-being. Wooden houses and structures have happy inhabitants.

Although there are many details that need further research, studies so far show that wood materials balance moisture and acoustics, creating a pleasant living environment and contributing to reduced stress levels, among other benefits.

Wood can absorb moisture depending on environmental conditions and temperature. Because of this feature, if wood is used indoors, the climate of these spaces improves.

Studies of different tree species have shown that Pine species, which are softwoods, have the best properties in absorbing and releasing moisture.

Turkuaz Park | Wooden Structure
Health Through Wood
Turkuaz Park | Wooden Structure

Scientific researches show that turpentine, which is found in pine species, may have a preventive effect against allergic (immunological) diseases, which is one of the biggest problems of today’s urban people.

Pine species also have other interesting features in terms of construction and life. The oils and compounds found in such trees have anti-bacterial properties that reduce the formation of toxic compounds released by bacteria and released into the air.

Among pine species, tall oils and other volatile organic compounds also provide benefits.

Turkuaz Park | Wooden Structure
Turkuaz Park | Wooden Structure

Stress Reduction

  • Studies conducted in Austria have shown that schoolchildren in wooden buildings have less stress, less conflict and better concentration.
  • Wooden interiors create a pleasant acoustic environment. Sounds can be described as “softer” than interiors designed with other materials.
  • Wood has a calming effect on blood pressure and heart rate indoors.
  • As Turkuaz, we will always be pleased to be a solution partner and serve you, our valued customers, in projects involving green and wood.
  • When laminating wooden material, we use lamellas not exceeding 4 cm. Laminate process is done by using Polyurethane or Melamine glue using special conditions and machines.
  • We clamp the woods that are subjected to the laminated process by using the fingerjont (minimum 17 mm threaded jointing) method with the machine.
  • Wood material is impregnated after processing. It is made by vacuum pressure method in impregnation boilers or by flow-coating method in laminated materials. As a result of the impregnation process, wood is made as green, brown or colorless (transparent) depending on the type of impregnation.
  • The impregnation process is a process that is generally applied to softwood species. The coniferous tree species with the best impregnation feature is the pine species. Impregnation increases the resistance of the wood against fungi and insects.
  • With our expert team, we process the projects drawn with millimeter precision using state-of-the-art CNC machines that also work with millimeter precision.
  • We offer the products that come out of our factory, where the latest technology is used at every stage, to our customers.