As TURKUAZ, our first priority is always safety in all playground equipment. For safety, first of all, the material used must be of high quality and long-lasting. According to the needs and the design of the playground, different pole solutions and playground equipment are designed to be of the highest quality and long-lasting.


All the ropes we use in our playground ropes are HUCK brand hercules rope.

Abrasion resistant Hercules rope

The Hercules rope consists of six twisted steel strands, each of seven separate 2.5mm galvanized and polyester wires. The result is an extremely durable and robust rope.

Polyester yarn coating

Each wire is covered with 6mm thick high quality polyester yarn. Unlike other synthetic materials, polyester is highly resistant to abrasion. It also has very high color and UV resistance.


Fasteners are made from high-quality synthetic materials. It is extremely durable and offers comfort, especially when playing on it. It has no sharp edges and corners.

Hassle-free on-site replacement

The forward-thinking coupling design means that replacing individual couplings in place is as easy as replacing individual rope sections in place.

Wear test

Regular wear tests on a specially developed testing machine show no reduction in quality and confirm superiority over other types of yarn. In abrasion tests, a frictional object is rubbed back and forth against the surface of the rope (‘double impact’) until it reaches the steel core. The double blow count completed reflects the increased protection our ropes contain against repeated use.

Secure connection

The specially made connection creates a secure bond between the steel core and the fabric polyester coating.

Special insulation against abrasion

Rope playground equipment can wear out easily. Hercules rope includes additional protection against abrasion with a specially made transparent outer insulation.

Color editing

For colored meshes, we usually use black colored nodes. In natural thread colors (hemp colour), we use matching beige knots.