Who are we?

We continue our journey, which started in 2000, with our understanding of making high quality production without sacrificing quality, with our knowledgeable-experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment. We produce economical and high quality products for children’s playgrounds, wooden structures, urban furniture, adventure parks-tracks, children’s playgrounds-urban design and landscaping. We produce in our factory, which is located in Çekmeköy-Istanbul, on an area of 11.000 m2, of which 4200 m2 is closed.

Our company is a pioneer in many of the products it produces and is in a position to set the standards. In order for wood to reach its deserved place in Turkey, we have been working with the technological infrastructure and team for years, always aiming for the better, producing products at international standards, and exporting not only to our country but also to many different parts of the world.

Our idea of continuity, which gives importance to contribute to the value of life quality focused on the environment, to produce products that can be used with pleasure and create livable spaces, while doing these, by contributing to the environment-oriented quality of life, while handing over the world to new generations, We have determined it as our principle that the products produced with wood, one of the most important materials compatible with its nature, should take its place in our lives more.

As the Turkuaz family, we will always be pleased to be a solution partner and serve you, our valued customers, in projects involving green and wood. In this catalog, which we have produced by gathering our new design products that we have produced so far, we have thought about every detail of children’s playgroups and presented them to your liking. We fully believe that you will find products suitable for your taste and children’s playgrounds in our catalogue.

We manufacture products using wood as the main raw material in our children’s playgrounds, a building material as old as human history, high quality and renewable materials obtained from sustainably managed forests and supply chains.

The stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel materials we use in urban furniture combine robust and functional solutions. With the high-quality materials we choose and our cutting-edge processing techniques, we create solid children’s play sets and products that are ready to meet any conditions and seasons.

We see wood as an element that gives spirit to children’s playgroups and offer it to your service by using the right materials and processing techniques for the right space. Our products are sold as packaged and partially assembled parts. You can easily do the installation using the installation guide or you can get help from us. All of our products, wood, metal, etc. are processed in CNC controlled machines. In this way, we provide robustness, aesthetics, standardization and ease of assembly. Wishing you all the best…

Turkuaz Park | Institutional

What do we do better than others?

The right service: -Full technical service, professional and experienced consulting International standard knowledge, Advanced technical and industry knowledge.

Quality: Our name is synonymous with quality; Excellent processing ability from raw wood to final product -Use of original and certified products Use of products with European standards Long-lasting, therefore economical products

Environment: Least wastage and environmental protection with the programs used, Sustainable forest use of trees Zero harm to the environment in our production processes-Use of environmentally friendly products

Innovation: We are pioneers in design and product development-We make innovative and functional products -We do the impossible and challenge the imagination We produce different and functional products

Safety: Robust and durable productsCompliance with international safety standards For safety correct manufacturing, correct assembly

Versatility: Product variety;