Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds

Never No Limits For Fun

Naturbonds is a useful, high quality and safe floor covering that can reduce the effects of traumatic injuries. The floor is the most important factor in increasing safety in cock playgrounds.

Naturbonds are applied 40 mm as standard, different thicknesses can be used optionally.

Naturbonds ground preparation is very practical, it does not require excavation, excavation and concrete before application.

Naturbonds are easy to maintain. Sand and turf ground are more suitable to create a bacterial environment. Rubber, Epdm tiles and floors offer much lower drop height safety.

Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds

Why Should You Choose Naturbonds?

  • Trustworthy
  • Quality
  • Sustainable
  • 100% Water Permeability

Never Limits for Fun

By choosing floor covering, you can increase the critical fall height and make playgrounds safer for children.

It is softer and more flexible than other rubber floor applications. Its shock absorbing feature during a possible fall is unrivaled compared to other materials with greater thickness.

It has a longer lifespan compared to other alternative products.

It is produced in accordance with the HIC (Head Injury Criteria) test.

Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds
Turkuaz Park | Naturbonds

Where to Use Naturbonds

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