Turkuaz Park | Sille Adventure Area
Turkuaz Park | Sille Adventure Area

Sille Adventure Area

Giant adventure children’s play tower is the first and only giant adventure tower built in Turkey. 250 at the same time
While allowing the person to experience excitement, it supports the mental and physical development of children. This giant adventure, which is a pioneer in the field of children’s playground equipment, has achieved integrity in design thanks to the equipment it uses, fun colors that are compatible with each other, and quality and functional accessories. The giant adventure complex was implemented on an area of 1960 m2 in Selçuklu district of Konya. Giant rope climbing, giant slides, rope tunnels between towers, climbing wall stones are among the international quality standards of children’s playground equipment used. It has TUV certificate. Adding new meanings to the words height and adventure, bringing a different perspective to the game and entertainment,
a structure that has become giant among the new generation playgroups. Thanks to its giant slides and towers, its height and sitting on the field are as if the magnificence of a giant’s hands and feet are firmly settled in the field.